ICRP satellite workshop

ERPW/ICRP Workshop on the Future of Radiological Protection 
October, 10

In 2021, ICRP launched a review and revision of the System of Radiological Protection, inviting participation from around the world through the open-access paper Keeping the ICRP recommendations fit for purpose (Clement et al. 2021 J. Radiol. Prot. 41(4)), and a companion paper Areas of Research to Support the System of Radiological Protection (Laurier et al. 2021 Radiat. Environ. Biophys. 60). In October 2021, ICRP held a first open, online workshop to collect feedback, summarised in the paper Summary of the 2021 ICRP workshop on the future of radiological protection (Rühm et al. 2022 J. Radiol. Prot. accepted manuscript). This summary reflects the view of participants on what should be considered as we work together towards the next ICRP General Recommendations, grouped into four broad areas: the scientific basis, concepts, and application of the System of RP, and the role of ICRP. This half-day workshop, held in conjunction with the 2022 ERPW, will build on these results to further develop the areas to be considered in the review and revision of the System of RP.

The NERIS Workshop 

October, 10, with half-day duration.

Workshop TOURR

Towards Optimized Use of Research Reactors in Europe
October, 10

About Workshop

EURADOS WG10+WG7 satellite workshop

Biological Dosimetry techniques and EPR applied to accidental intakes of radionuclides 
October, 9

EURADOS Training Course

"Radiation Protection Dosimetry for IMS: Secrets and Solutions" 
(based on RP 160)
October, 3-7


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